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In A Yummy "YES" to Life! you'll discover what has been holding you back from your own success, by applying simple, yet powerful principles of success.

The introspection and discovery you'll experience will lead you through several stages of growth, saving you practically YEARS of you going at it alone.

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I FIRST MET JESSINA AT AN EVENT WHERE I WAS SPEAKING. She had reached out and asked if I would be speaking any other time soon, because she was feeling ill. I replied, “No, I will be traveling out of state and overseas.” She said, “OK, I will make it.”
To my surprise, Jessina showed up even though she wasn't feeling well. I can remember her smile that lit up the room and the positive energy she shared with everyone around her, and many reciprocated.
Then, after speaking with her, I realized her commitment of keeping her word and showing up, even though she wasn't feeling well.
When you get an opportunity to meet Jessina, you will enjoy her caring attitude, her drive for helping people and, yes, her huge heart.
She has overcome her own life struggles, and found the motivation to do so by looking inside for courage, strength and the will to be more, do more, and share more. The book you have in your hands is her amazing result.
You can rest assured knowing that Jessina walks her talk, and you will benefit of her insights, wisdom and inspiration that she has gathered over the years, which she now shares with you in this book.
As you read these pages and Jessina’s reflections, you'll feel as she is speaking directly to you. You may wonder, how does she know what I'm going through? Now you will gain clarity and have a map to success to the New You.
As I say in my recent book, STAND, do the best in all you do and you’re destined to go “All the Way to the Top.”
Now you have the tools and format of how to get there with Jessina’s amazing wisdom and simple, yet powerful, life-changing system.
Enjoy your Journey to all your new success!

Ruben Mata
International Speaker, World Peace Ambassador, Author

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